GWS at Norsk Hostfest 30 Sept 2011 by Dick Johnson-101911-Website Final JPEG-011113
Jerry’s been taking photographs over fifty years. His education and experiences have evolved with every photo he’s taken, treasured or trashed. As a retired Architect, he’s worked in a world where being a “visual person” isn’t just a trait, it’s a professional requirement. Early in his career, he noticed details, compositions, textures, proportions, shadows and the beauty that different qualities of light brought to Architecture, landscapes, our world and his photography. Leonardo DaVinci, the famous Renaissance man described his personal artistic methodology as “Sapere videre” or, “To know how to see.” Jerry has followed that principle in his photography. As his “knowing how to see” has evolved, he’s attempted to capture locations, moments and photographs that viewers might never have personally experienced. He’s attempted to present his images to viewers in a way that they didn’t think had existed, or that they might never had considered. Many of those images have resulted in awards, or being published in various national media, travel and professional publications.